Player Housing Edit

How It Works (or, how we think it will work so far) Edit

Player Housing will not be limited to pre-determined zones. It's not yet known if they will be instantly built or if it will take time for a "building process". What we know so far:

  • You may invite friends into your house, and possibly invite second owners (partner, etc).
  • You can access someone else's house if their door is unlocked, though it would be trespassing.
  • There will be decorations for houses.
  • You may build stables for your mounts at a house.
  • Player Housing will be similar to Star Wars Galaxies, in that the world is empty to begin with and will fill with houses as people create them. In other words, a building is unique, and is only there because someone built it; they are not reusable instance portals that any number of people use as their home.
  • Some areas will not allow house building, like event areas, dungeons, and other places "with plans". Otherwise, your house can be placed anywhere.
  • It will be possible to destroy houses, but will be a big job. You will not simply be able to destroy a house of a person you dislike, it will take a siege weapon.
  • For the time being, you can not design your house. You can buy a type of house and upgrade it.
  • Basic player housing is planned to be in for release. Sieging will NOT be in for release AFAIK, so your houses will be safe in the beginning.
  • Houses will require keys that can be stolen. You can change the lock if you think your key has been taken.
  • There will be a limit to 1 house per account, but your characters can share the same house.

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