Guild Name

Focus PvP/Siege
Recruiting Selective Recruiting/18+
Recruitment Thread

Pathfinders is an ARAC European, English speaking guild, created specifically for Mortal Online. We will be playing on an EU server if at launch if its possible. The guild is new and small but has been started by two very experienced MMO gamers. Our recruitment is selective and we expect our members to take the game seriously, but should also be able to have a laugh. We aim for having a settlement of our own somewhere and to be a major player on the server. Fighters and crafters alike are welcome.

As a side note, Pathfinders do not engage in any sort of RP. You are of course free to role play in your own time aslong as it does not affect the guild.

NOTE: Due to pictures and other issues with the recruitment thread, please visit the recruitment thread directly for more information.

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