Plebeians - The Body Edit

The majority of the population belongs to Plebeians or Plebs and it is also the most extensive of the major castes. Even visitors to the empire are considered Plebeians although many specific rules and constitutions concerning visitors exist. Everyone who belongs to the Plebeians is considered free men and women who can own and manage property. The term range from recently redeemed slaves, Freemen, to a plethora of other sub-casts such as Courtesans, Mercenaries, Guards, Workers, Fishermen, Crafters, Merchants and Lesser Landowners. Only the Plebeians have the right to, and are forced to by law, to enter into the army if necessary. It is also among the Plebeians you will find the majority of the guilds in the empire, and they are represented by members of the Nobilitas in the Tricapita.

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