IRC Stick Figures Edit

What is this you may ask? These are stick figures for IRC. Things that have happened, or could happen, or we wish would happen, along with the people that make IRC worth going on. The chance of getting in to these is based mostly on if i see a chance to put you in it, though you can request. I'd like to thank Lepida, the Muse of Epic MMORPG Poetry, as well as Argencia, the 80 year-old Biker Muse.

You can request a stick figure signature. Please message [AI]Sindas on IRC (found in the AI channel or MO Beta channel) or message Sindas on the MO forums with an idea of what you want your signature to be like. No colors. Nothing imposible.


Against a Wall


Three Stories


One Story Balcony (messy)


Orca Siege


Necromantic Vs. Lepida


He tried it at home.


Hangman Gone Bad


Sindas's Wierd Day


Amazing Horse Bug

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